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is there someone who speaks spanish and wants to learn tradational chinese(Taiwan)?


hello, i am a native chinese speaker from taiwan and i am learning spanish.


 i want to find a partner but it seems that there are few people who want to learn traditional chinese??


 si quiere, dame un mensaje, por favor :)



Here you have one. 
Traditional characters are much better. haha  
I am currently living in Taiwan!!! And I'm looking for spanish students interested on spanish lessons.
type me on chat!  

Hi, here you have another one IF you are talking about Mandarin Chinese (excuse my ignorance, but is traditional chinese mandarin chinese???) I`m interested in learning Mandarin Chinese and in exchange I can teach you  or help you out with your Spanish :) Click on my name and send me a message, so we can discuss a possible exchange. Best regards, Grace ;)

Hola me llamo marissa hablo español fluido,este es mi line(Marissach21) agregame para poder mejorar mi chino. 

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