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How do you think blind date?

Introduced by one of my friends, I had a blind date with a boy today. To be honest, that feeling is really suck and I dont like it. Our whole dinner is in a awkward atmosphere. Blind date seems common in China, for people think it is the most effective way to find a person to get married and settle down.........However, I dont buy it. I still think true love exists. So, how is your opinion? do you believe in the ture love thing or just think it is nonsense?



i believe everyone will have true love in his/her life.

so how we can found it? i think blind date is not good way to find our love.

great relationship is not automatically, it needs intentionality,hard work, dedication and patience.

Hello Sharon. Wow blind date here in my country isn´t common this method to find a boy/girlfriend. Here is more common dates through internet or in real life with people around you, Such as friends of your friends, classmates, etc. I found my girlfriend through internet but she is from the same city than I. I wasn´t looking for a girlfriend. I only wanted to talk with people for friendship. I was happy being single. We enjoyed our conversations. She chatted with other people and I chatted with other people too. We quickly became good friends because we had many things in common, we both are of the same religion, we both have similars beliefs and values. Then we met each other face to face. We spent some days as friends knowing each other. Then I realized that she liked me. I told her "I hope our friendship isn´t broke by this. But I like you". She said "Oh. I feel the same" We have spent many years together In fact sometimes I forgot that we know each other by internet because we have lived many things in real life.


I recommend you. Don´t be hurry because sometimes you don´t know where, when or how you will meet a person who will be important to you, Take your time to know many people, You should have many friends, spend many times with them and finally you will find a special person for you who will feel the same for you. 


Maybe this experience is the thing we call "life". I think this is the good expirience anyway.

Thank you all for your responses and advices! Maybe I should learn to live in a easy way and be patient towards life. Everything appearing in life seems got its own meaning and I need to learn to accept them in a natural way.

 I'm totally against it. I don't believe this is the right way to find one's soul mate. It causes nothing but awkwardness as each partner will try to impress the other and both will end up acting so unnatrual and so unlike themselves.

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