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Which Is better? Master a language before you start to study another one, or study both at the same time

I think is better to Master a language, but I would like to heard your opinions about it. I have only study english, but I would like to learn other languages after I will Master English. If I start to study another language Is it confusing for me?. 



Karerosu. Thank you for writing here. I am a perfectionist person so I enjoy to be excellent in a language, but specially in speaking and listening. I spend much time practicing my english skills. I don´t care about scores or marks. I long to be fluent as a native speaker in any language that I learn. I haven´t known a person who was fluent studying two or more languages at the same time. I have known many people who get good scores, but they aren´t fluent enough to speak as a native speaker. Maybe there are an unknown method for me to get fluency in two or more languages at the same time.    

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