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Which Is better? Master a language before you start to study another one, or study both at the same time

I think is better to Master a language, but I would like to heard your opinions about it. I have only study english, but I would like to learn other languages after I will Master English. If I start to study another language Is it confusing for me?. 



I think it depends on the person.

For exemple, I started to learn Chinese in the university when I had more knowledge in English and French. When I finish the degree after 4 years, I'd love to learn Russian. I prefer doing this because I can focus on study well a language while I'm practising the others that I already know. 

But on the other hand, there are people who has a lot of ability to learn languages at the same time as well as they learn just one. For exemple, I have a very smart friend who has started to learn Chinese and German at the same time and she gets 9 and 10 on her marks. Next year, she will also start to learn Korean and I'm sure she will do it very well. 

In my opinion, people learn languages in different ways but they are neither better nor worse. 














Karerosu. Thank you for writing here. I am a perfectionist person so I enjoy to be excellent in a language, but specially in speaking and listening. I spend much time practicing my english skills. I don´t care about scores or marks. I long to be fluent as a native speaker in any language that I learn. I haven´t known a person who was fluent studying two or more languages at the same time. I have known many people who get good scores, but they aren´t fluent enough to speak as a native speaker. Maybe there are an unknown method for me to get fluency in two or more languages at the same time.    

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