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Graffiti: Art of Vandalism?

What do you think? Is graffiti (or 'rakugaki') art or vandalism? Where else in Japan (or elsewhere) have you seen artistic and intricate graffiti?  By the way, this question is open to anyone, so please feel to leave your comments.  Thanks!

どう思いますか。落書き(または'らくがき') の芸術または荒らしですか?どこ(またはその他の場所) を日本で芸術的な複雑な落書きを見ているか?ところで、この質問は誰にも開いている、そう喜ぶ感じるあなたのコメントを残して。ありがとう!







I have ever seen an article graffiti on a wall and a man having the wall liked the graffiti. That graffiti was complex,colorfull,entertain us, and having a message. That isn't dirty vandelism you can often see from a window of train in Tokyo. If a graffiti is great in some points, people not only me will like it.

Well if one doesn't ask permission on property then it would be vandelism even if it was an artist painting a beautiful picture. If permission is given then its obviously not vandelism, but I personally don't like the look of graffitti. Something about it just looks juvenile to me.

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