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Imagine that you are visiting Russia. What would you like to see at the first and why?




redsquare :) because i heaed  alot about it !


i heard 


Насколько я знаю, в Кресты есть экскурсия) Так что вэлком)

Мне петропавловки хватило))) вроде как))

Saint Petersburg! It is said very nice! 

Saint Basil cathedral from Moscow! It is a real  piece of art!

Looking forward to it

red square,cause i just know that about rusia :)

I want to see Siberia :) I have seen Moscow and St.Peterburg. Moscow was ok, but St.Peterburg is very beautiful. If you need to choose one city in Russia, then go to the latter one rather than the first one :)

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