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Korean Music

Music means a lot to me. Honestly, I always listen to it. I can't sleep without it, and life is way too boring when I don't have something playing.

In the beginning of the year, my roommate introduced me to SHINee, who is my absolute favorite KPop band. Recently, I have been able to start listening to other artists.

I have expaned to B.A.P, Super Junior, (f)x, K.Will, Boyfriend, and Block B (who is my favorite right now). 


What is everyone else listening to?? What are your favorite songs and artists??



Infinite-남자가 사랑할 때 


그의 가사는 너무 의미심장해.

소녀시대 ^_^


But i also like Ailee, G.NA, B.A.P, Exo K & M . Big Bang, Lee Hi, and many many many more .

maybe since its part of my culture i listen ahaha

TVXQ5... Their live performances are amazing. Becuz of them, I have pretty high standard for other groups. LOL.

I like MyName and Nu'est, too. 

These are just a few.. xD
Epik High, 2NE1, Wonder Girls, Baek Ji Young, F.T. Island, K.Will, G-Dragon, The TRAX, John Park, Guckkasten, The One

My favorite is U-KISS. I've been listening and following them for more than 4 years now. Their music is diverse. :) I also like listening to Geeks, and some K-Indie artists like J.Rabbit, Standing Egg, Urban Zakapa, etc..


My favorite U-KISS songs:


It must be fate

Sweety Girl

The words that hurt me

Stop Girl

When Love Stops



Should've treated you better (uBeat)

It's been a long time (uBeat)


uBeat = U-kiss' sub group :)


There are alot more!! 

I do really like Korean music to, but sometimes I don't know the title or the artist.

Because I really like watching korean drama and japanes drama, and when I wathing it, i hear the background music or OST (original soundtract) and sometime I became like that songs..

just simply like that, not holic.. 

I recently discovered 노영심. Her music is really nice. She can play that piano beautifully.


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