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how do you think

"everyone says that inner beautyis more important than outer beauty,but in the societywe live in,it isn't. No one gives you the chance to show that you're beutiful on the inside if you aren't on the outside".


How about you guys? are you agree with that statement?

Thank you



No, i don't think so.. because when we attract to someone due to their outer beauty, it will be for time being and we will stay with that person for long time only when his inner beauty as beautiful as his looks.


Outer beauty attracts people for some time but live with only inner beauty.


In part true, but beautiful people develop cold defense, to discourage unwanted attention, so I for one avoid beautiful people, and prefer the warm-hearted.  老鬼

yes i agree with you

@ depti : i was very impressed with a man like you. hope every people have the same thought like you


@ malik : reality in life :)

"Everything must be beautiful in a person: his face, and his cloths, and his soul, and his thoughts"-said great russian writer A.P.Chekhov,and I agree with him

I agree! In some way, people are inclined to judge a person through his/her appearence. That's why people always say first impression is important. If a person's appearance cannot attract you, how would you have an intrest to getting to know him/her? Besides, in most cases, people are so busy these days, few of us would like to spend abundant time to know the inner beauty of a stranger.

In my opinion the outer appearence is important only when you meet a new person......but affects , in particular , the personality , the sensibility and values....  

If somepeople are looking well, they have a lot of advantages in their life. 

I think It is just little while. If they are not good in their inside, they are loosing their benefits.


But If someone has the both, it is acctually helpful for the one.

So agree with you in some ways.




I wouldnt say no one my friend but that is a very perceptive comment and mostly true. But me personally I give everyone a chance because Jesus died for everybody no matter how beautiful or ugly.

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