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Sad and Confused

I feel Sad and Confused how can I do, What should I do.



When I feel sad, confused, I will see a film or fitness (because I was interested in these two).

If i feel sad ,I will talk with my mother ,she is my best friend.

what's wrong

when i confuse, i will thinking how to get better and sleep


I think you should talk to your friend or go shopping, reading some book, cook a new recipe, and you will feel better


What happened? when I feel sad, confused, lonely or whatever, I'll try to talk to my friend or to my online friend. Even though it's late at night here, you might catech someone online because of the time differences. Do you have some friends to talk to openly? I suggest that you'd better talk and cry. That might help you a little :) You don't need to hold everything by yourself. 

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