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could you give me an English name?

Different name have different meaning,i have been wanting an english name ,but i don't know much about the culture of english name.Many foreign friends can't speak my chinese name,it would be appreciated if you give me an english name.Thank you!

nanjunru is my chinese name.



English names don't have meanings like in Chinese, so you could really put together any combination of syllables to make a name. You could stick with 'Nanjunru'.


If you want an English sounding name, here are some options:

Natasha (The first two 'a' s are pronounced like in 'cAt'. The final 'sha' is pronounced like Chinese pinyin)
Natalie (The 'a' in 'Na' is pronounced like in 'cAt'. The rest is pronounced like '他里')
Naomi (The 'aomi' in 'Nao' is like '没有米', but with an 'n')
Niccola (Said like '你口啦').

Nicole (Said like Niccola without the 啊 sound)

I can't think of anything that has an 'N-n...' sound unfortunately.


If you want to be named after the '君如' part of your name:

Julie (pronounced like '据里')

Julia (pronounced like '据里呀')

Jess/Jessica (long version is said like 'je四卡' ('je' said like pinyin), and the short version is the same without the  'i卡' sound)



From what I know, English names are a lot less focused on meaning than Chinese names.  I was born with two names, and usually your English name is taken from what your Chinese name sounds like.


Since your family name is Nan, most people would pick a name based on the rest of your name, Jun Ru.  A few English names could be June, Julia/Julie, Juliette, and Joanna/Joanne.

thank for your reply,and the name is nice. i like bamboo,hope to receive a name about it.

English names aren't words with meaning, but syllables that sound good to the parents. You could call yourself 'Bamboo' if you wanted, but that would defeat the purpose of looking for an English name in the first place. Names like 'Rain', 'Sunshine', 'Rainbow' etc. are obviously Chinese. In my opinion you're better off using your name in Pinyin than choosing a word that doesn't sound like a name. 


It's entirely your choice. Remember, if you want to choose an English name choose a combination of sounds that you like, not an actual English name.

I meant to say "not and actual English word" at the end of my last comment.

June is a good name. It comes from Juno and is the first month of Summer. 

yeah,its a nice name in this season

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