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Agree or disagree?

  Do you agree that "the friends are more important than your GF(BF)"?







I'll just leave this here -


"You think relationships are difficult? Try friendships. Try courting someone in order to convince them to join you in some nameless, shapeless platonic complication — forever. Convince an adult stranger that you are worth a healthy slice of their limited time and energy without the prize of sex or romance.
(с) Laura Jayne Martin"


Don't forget that your boyfriend/girlfriend is a friend too!  To me, this is as odd a question as "Is your family more important than your brother?"  Sure, there are differences but don't treat your significant other so differently that you forget that they are your friend too.  How you treat your long term friends  should reflect how you treat your significant other in the long run.


A good friend will be there with you, no matter how many bad boyfriend/girlfriends you have.

A good boyfriend/girlfriend will be there with you, no matter how many bad friends you have.


If you have either, cherish them!

I agree. Boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go, but your true friends will always be there for you.

My answer is " case by case " and they are important both as it is not a thing to compare, but it's just my opinion.


I think the answer will be different far that how old who then. ^-^ 

And also I think it's will be different that who is your GF/BF. 

If who love so much the partner, it would be VERY important person for you.

But for my case, IF my BF say to me " My friends most important than you. " 

I would be say to my BF "OK, I got it, good bye ♪ " ^0^; 

Because it's do not make the partner feel it, even do they thinking of it. 

Depends these days people change boy friends and girlfriends like socks but in principle, no the person you plan to love and spend the rest of your life with is more important than friends.

A friendship, a love. I think there is no way to compare who is more important. So, I disagree。

It's better to start off as friends, the see where the friendship leads to. But, if you have a BF or GF its not even time spend with your friends

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