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The best ways how to maintain your English!

Hello, everyone. Let's discuss how to maintain your English if, for instance, you are not in English speaking counry. Feel free to add some ideas! 



I try to read as many books written in English as possible. Watching movies in English in a good call too. And I think that it's really important to talk to native English speakers, because, in my point of view, it's the best way to learn the common expressions of the language you are studying.


listening to English music n watching english movies is a good step to get command on it

Watch english movie, listening music and usually practice english with friends.


try to surround yourself with english sounding environment. like tv, movies, podcasts, music, etc... and speak with someone from italki ofcourse :)

I try to read English Speaking book, Watching movie, tv series and also try to speak in English


for example, I like to watch movies in English, it helps to improve my listening skills, but to improve alll the skiils, you have to read, write and speak in this language. 

Learn Learn And Learn

Keep the learning approach.

Practice speaking the language everyday by talking with a native or someone good with the language. Also, by reading books like English novels or articles, music is a fun way to learn English. Know the lyrics and try to study it. It would help you not only with the literal meaning of the language but also of what it tries to imply to it's listeners.

"Practise makes mans perfection" so keep on reading English books, Magazines ,News papers  and practising infront of mirror .


Simply read  english ,talk english , think in english and so onnnnnn

Practise makes Man's Perfection.....

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