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Treatment of Women

How are women generally treated in your society? Are they given the same rights as men? Are they free to be independent?




In China, the treatment of women largely depends on the level of development in economics and education in certain area.

According to China's territorial division, China can be divided into five parts:West China, South China, East China, Central China and North China.

In North China, Beijing is the capital city where local people received higher education and they accepted the idea that 'Men and women are of same value'. But in Heilongjiang, an agricultural province, unfortunately, some men regard women are inferior to men. Sometime they even blame on women for not having a babe which scientific reports have shown that men are more likely to be the reason for this ( inactive semen, etc)


Shanghai is the most westernized city in China, as a costal city, it boasts its openess. So there are a lot of English words have been accepted by local people and became part of their local dialect. No wonder the women there are treated quite equally in almost every aspect. In 1980s, there was a famous sentence spreaded all through the city, called 'lady first', it may not be oftenly heard now, but given the fact that it was in 80s, you may tell.

In italy we have had a period called " the 68 ". The womens, during this period , fought for own rights and better treatments...Today , thank battles and struggles , they have obtained more attention and equal opportunity.
In fact many ministers of italian government are womens..

I live in the U.S. and have experienced nothing but support, since I am a woman studying for my master's degree in a science field. I can fully attest to the fact that I am just as able to perform my job as well as any man; I recently came back from driving a large truck/trailer in an extremely remote area with no help nearby if anything goes wrong. I lead a field crew in the summer in this remote area; I am in charge of men who work below me, and we live together in a small trailer over the course of a week whenever we go into the field to work.


At the same time, it makes me very sad to think that most women in the world won't have the opportunities that I've had, or that they are even demonised for doing the beneficial things I've done; I am only 25 but I've already contributed more to society through my research than most people (man or woman) will in their entire lives.

I live in a free country.  Women can have the same opportunities as man.  But, you must be carful with the decisions you make in your life.  There will always be different kind of men, no matter which country are you living in.  If you make good decisions, you will be able to have a lot of men working below you. And you will make more money than the average guy.

To some extent,women have the same rights as the man.With the development of society,women are able to have more rights than yesterday.

I'm middle easter. And as an Arabic women, i would say No, we do NOT have equal rights like men do. 

I feel we are pretty much discriminated, but secretely. We face tough small minded men everyday, i know cases where ''Marriage'' is a must for a every women. But why? How come a man can marry at any age, but when a women becomes 30 it means she has something wrong with her? 

Men do not face much discrimination against their gender in middle east for sure, but for women is very hard. Espcially in Iraq, after the 2003 war; women became less strong and didn't have much self confidence in themselves. So men took over jobs, etc. And most women were expected to be married and get to settle down and have kids. BUT.. where did her education go? her career? her dreams? is that all? Get married and depend on another man? 

What i'm saying is not 100% happening with every women of course, but i am speaking in general. For me as an Iraqi women, i'm very proud of us, and how educated, successful we are. And i give props to every strong women in the world. DON'T let ANYONE control you, EVER.! we are human just like men are. 


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