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Farsi learning on easypersion is fun

I've learned 47 lessons on, and found it to be interesting. I've learned simple past tense, present perfect tense, simple future tense, past perfect tense. Remembering verbs, however, still seems hardest in mastering the languange. I'll stick onto it -- enjoying learning a word or two a day! :)



well done!


من ہم فارسی یاد می گیرم ولی کی ندارم کہ طرف راست رہنمائی بکند۔

من وقتی خواہم کہ بہ کسی در فارسی حرف بزنم، از زبانی اردو یا انگلیسی کلمات را ترجمہ می کنم۔

I'm sorry, Aamir Abbas, that I can hardly recognize what you've written, since I learned Farsi with the help of Latin alphabet. 

gratego ahed

That's great!Good luck to you!^.^

it really makes me become full of enjoy when i see other people try to learn my mother tongue:)

it would be my pleasure to help you if you had any question related to persian language:)

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