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What do you like to know about Iran?

What do you think about Iran?

Have you ever been in my country?

Is there any curiosity that you don't find any answer to it?

What do you think about Iraninan?



Hello :) 

I'm from Iraq, so we're pretty much neighbors. I never been there, but i would love to one day. 

It makes me very sad that goverments and politics tries to divide us up, and creates hatred between us. But for me, I'm not a follower and i believed there is the good and bad in every place on earth. I love Iranian people, food, culture, and how genorous you guys are! My bestfriend is Iranian, and i always copy the way she speaks Farisi. My favorite word is, ''Joon'' and ''Basha basha'' LOL. 

Anyways, i just think Iran is an awesome country, and politics shouldn't divide us as people! 


Greetings from Baghdad, Iraq~ ^_^

Hi Dina

I appreciate your kind words about Iran

Yes Iran and Iraq have very close culturs, foods, religion even their face are very simmiliar to each other.

And now there are many Iraqies inside my country and also there too many Iranian in Najaf, Karbala,Samera and other cities.

I love Iraqies too and hope that the bitter experience of 8 year war not repeat anymore in histroy of these two neighbours.

Hi, I'm glad to read your comments guys, hope Western society realize the lies Western mainstream media tell us about your countries just for the interest of some greedy people. Like Dina says there's good and bad everywhere. 


Greetings from Mexico.

Hi Jorge

Thanks for not accept what media try to inject in your mind not only about Iran or Iraq but about everything happened around you :)

What kind of food do you like to eat? What do you eat every day? On Celebrations?

Iranians love Chelow kabab

and that is one of the major food on celebrations or mourning ceremonies.

Most of Iranians and also Iraqies like Gheimeh (They got another kind of this feedling from same materials called "Gheimeh Najafi" )

Gheimeh is served in most of religious vows and other common levees

others are Ghormeh Sabzi which is made by scented vegetables ,zereshk polo that made by hen's meat and etc.

Every Province or even sometimes every city in Iran got it's own local food that sometimes other Iranians may not even heard about them for example more than 50 potages served across the country :)

Steve maybe you can't find any casinos on streets but you could find your drink and also can listen to everything you want .

Maybe sometimes you could find some kind of freedom here that don't even dream about it in american but everywhere got it's own rule for getting things done :D

p.s : In medicinie doctors use electric shock to bring back the pulse I believe it in life style too ;)




I have many questions about your country, but I cannot ask them.

I have learned that if we discuss certain things about certain countries, the thread will be deleted.

So I have learned to answer only "safe" questions.


I think that I can say this: I hope that 2013 is a peaceful year for all the nations of the world.

I envy Iran's language and leader i.e. the great Farsi and Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad!

I'm from Turkey, so we're neighboors.

I've heard that Iran was a great and modern country before the Islamic revolution. But now, most of people think Iran is a dangerous country, there are no rights for women, there are so strict punishments for sheria etc. I think Iran and Turkey have similiar cultures but I'm not sure that if we have similiar lifestyles, now. 

I've never been to Iran before but I'd like to visit there.

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