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Do you think that if you know someone through the computer, you can become friends, even if you've ever seen? Give me your opinions! :)



Yes I think you can make good friends through the internet even though you've never met them before. 
Thanks to Italki I made some friends while helping people with languages. While learning and helping, you automaticly share interests and this could lead to interesting conversations. I think that during this process you become friends little by little.

Sure it’s up to you. I can not accept friends now, the function is broken but I have enough friends. Just still have no time to know them deeply. 

Surely, you can become friends. I've had some internet friends for 15 years, still don't know if we will ever meet and feel comfortable with the friendships we have cultivated.

I agree with the davidcke opinion

it's possible but hard, cuz in real life u have the person in front of u and u can read her/his body language wich makes it easier to understand the person.

I think that is okey, you can become a good friend with someone that you never have seen, but, isn't it easy, right? For example, i had a friend from Argentina, and at the first it was hard to me to trust on that person, because today you have to be careful on internet, however, we gotten good friend, we talked a lot of funny things, about his life, work and family, and, on my case, he gaves me some advices. The problem with this it was that i expected to know him by webcam or a picture and never send me anything, so i got dissapointed about it, im still be his friend, but some time ago that i haven't talked him.

i think through distance you can know a person much better,because if a person who cares about will wait for you ,thats show your real friendship or love ,for me i think a distance friendship or love grows bigger ,in direct contact like physical contact ,people only think that a person want sex,and a true nnever looks this thing in a girl he just care about the girl

i'm believe

yes it is possible & this is a great way to intract people with different culture & country.

yes I think it's possible, now I know you don't know me But would you be my friend ?, you can answer your question by answering mine

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