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Chinese Language

Are you in learning Chinese? Do you feel difficulties? What do you think why Chinese is so hard? Share your experience here!



I don'n know....

My mother language is chinese.

hahaha, you are cute Eric.

nice to see you here. Actually this discussion for those whose mother language is not Chinese.



As a Chinese,I want to say it is so difficult that I want to jump from the tallest building ……

Because I learned Chinese Language as my major in college……

And there are so many usages outside the grammar systerm……


Haha,it just a joke.The thing I want to say is that, it is not difficult unless you determined to become a Chinese linguist .Just do more practice :)

I know I shouldn't comment on here, but I really want to say----------------it is sooooooooooo easy for me!!!!!! hahahhahaha


well, I will correct your homework if you need. Remember that-Practice makes perfect.

Dear Yuwei,


You're right. In my high school, I always get less score in English literature class. It is the nature of language. Language is like sea but Chinese is really different. It takes more time to learn but it has valid reasons. It is a language based on symbols. We construct words from alphabets but Chinese has no any alphabet. It has words directly. This matters!

Yes, determination helps a lot in life. :)



Thanks for your offer Jenny. I am also feeling it is much easier than before but my homework is still hard. Because it is home's work. ;)

It is really hard but I like it! I think you need a lot of patience to learn any language, maybe with Chinese you need a little bit more hahaha but it is worth it!

I am curious about chinese. I think is very difficult due to their many characters and the fact they don´t have alphabet like other western languages. I have read that chinese is not as hard as probably a lot of people think. But it is not a piece of cake at all. I have read that pronunciation may be very difficult because if you changed your tone. You will change the meaning of what you are saying. I really like chinese characters. I think they are beautiful but I am not interested in learning chinese's writing (It scares me hehehe) Maybe I would be interested in chinese's speaking and communicate with people from China in their native language. I don´t know anything about Chinese language, but I have read some webpages about this topic. I am learning English and I want to improve my english performance but I love to learn languages, and I am thinking of learning chinese but only speaking.    

I've been learning chinese for about 8 months or so now, and my experience is that chinese isn't really as hard as people often say it is. The chinese grammar is really not very complicated; no difference in past / present / future tense, single / plural form, noun genders etc, all if this is expressed with added particles, or read from the context of the sentence. My experience now that my vocabulary is growing is that I tend to mix up a lot of new words, due to the fact that they in my "ears" sound quite similar. The chinese language have a very limited number of different sounds, and some of these can sometimes be difficult do keep apart for many chinese learners - remembering which word has which sound; eg: zhen / zheng / zhan / zhang.. The tones isn't really that hard either, once you get a hang of them it's not that bad. THE most difficult part of chinese though is their written language, and numerous different characters. I haven't yet started writing (by hand), but am able to read quite a few...


The fact that chinese haven't got a SINGLE thing in common with most western languages is also a bit challenging. The way of thinking when expressing things may also differ a whole lot, which again makes direct translations sound very odd. 

Although I am Chinese, but I still think that my Chinese is very poor, and it is very difficult to learn well.


I believed that if you are able to strike up a simple conversation with Chinese, or write some simple sentences, it only means that your Chinese is about to the level of a primary school student in China.


I also noticed that many native mandarin speakers here are not good at Chinese, they made quite a lof of mistakes in corrections.

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