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madjar - Kazahsztan!

I am interested in a tribe called 'madjar' from Kazahsztán! Please help me!



What do you want to know in particular? You can find some information in your language or in Russian here:
I guess you can find all information in Hungarian in the Internet because almost every researcher of this stuff is hungarian who researches hungarian roots.
On top of everything I doubt if somebody from this tribe (actually a clan) is going to write here)

I would like to communicate with people from there ! Certainly I am interested in get to know Russians and other people too from the area which is situated east from Hungary. I am interested in talking people who came from Post-Soviet States. I am a very beginer in Russian but I hope I'll become more and more advanced. 

I have looked photos about Astana! It is a very nice modern city ! :-) 

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