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what is very important for spoken english? how can we improve it?



Firstly we could say that we can evaluate a spoken utterance by looking at three criteria: fluency, accuracy, and complexity.

Fluency concerns for how long you are able to hold your ground, that is, speak coherently with few pauses and so on.

Accuracy is about not making mistakes, pronouncing words properly, being gramatically correct, using the appropriate collocation.

Finally, complexity is your ability to produce complex sentences, with subordination and so on. Remember, it's easy to be fluent and accurate if you're only saying things like 'the book is on the table. my name is john'.


However, there's more involved in speaking that that. Remember that interactions always occur in a context, so being aware of the kind of language you have to use in a certain situation is also an important skill.


I'm sure there's no one way of improving your spoken English, you have to find something that works for you. Which aspect of your spoken English do you want to improve?

Spoken practice with English speakers is always helpful, even if they are non-natives. English has become an international language, and you have to be able to communicate with English speakers from all over the world.

Concerning pronounciation, you can always record yourself speaking to analyze carefully what you're doing wrong. I'm sure you can also get decent feedback here on italki.

And remember: repetition is your friend. I don't mean that repeating the same phrase ad nauseum will have any effect on your spoken skills (maybe it will, who knows?), but try telling the same story in English twice. I'm pretty sure the second time will sound better, as your mind will be able to focus on different aspects of speech.

Anyway, I'm not an expert but I hope this might help you and other people who feel they need to improve their spoken English.



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