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What is one interesting fact about your country that you want foreigners to know about your country?




Well, this a good question. I live in Brazil, so I guess I don't even need to say how we are known abroad. I believe culture shows our strongest characteristic, such as Folklore and Carnival. However, I would like the foreigners know more about other good musical rhythm from Bossa Nova, Blues and so on...


I decided to post this discussion question when I recently remembered when my mother told me of a Brazilian man she met while walking El Camino de Santiago in Spain. The Brazilian man was a truck driver, and he was very proud to say that he has visited every continent in the world, and would very soon be able to say he visited almost every country in the world. But, he openly admitted to my mother that he decided he would never visit the United States.
When my mother asked him why, he responded by saying he was afraid of all the people with guns here.
My mother feels like I do about guns in the United States; guns and gun owners make her feel uncomfortable. But she was very sad to hear of this experienced traveler's worries about visiting our country. I was also sad to hear of this.
My mother and I agreed that his worries were understandable, but they were not entirely accurate.
My country has been in the news a lot lately about our high rate of gun ownership and because of how easy it is to purchase a weapon in the United States. Even though many US citizens legally own guns, most people who live here do not own a gun, and most of those who do keep their weapon in their homes and do not bring it with them in public.
Personally, the large number of guns here makes me uncomfortable. But, I have lived in the United States my entire life and I have never been a victim of a crime committed with a weapon. Furthermore, despite the prevalence of guns here, it is very rare to ever see an average citizen (not a police officer) with a gun in public. And the areas where tourists are known to visit usually have more security than non-tourists areas.

My Interesting Face About the United States (and Americans)
If you ever want to visit the United States, you should not worry about becoming a victim of a gun-related crime. Most Americans do not own guns, and it is rare that a tourist would ever see an American with their gun in public.

Oh yeah??! Steve, is it true? Oh my..! America slowly degrades in my eyes. Narcotic is narcotic.:(

Hi,I'm come from Italy,but I live in Irleand.

Sorry for my english,I'm here for improve it.

Well,about Italy one of things that most people thing is that Italy it's just the country of pizza and mafia.

It's true that the Italian's food it's one of the best of the world,but it's sad be remembered for the mafia's story and to be famous for to have "exported" the mafia around the world,above all,in the USA.


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