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1)Prison Break: it is one of the best tv series i have ever watched. 4 years ago i watched it but i still cant forget how did i finish all seasons in 2 weeks. 
i also love this kind of science fiction series.
it is an important recommmendation from me to you, you wont regret :)
2)Dexter:are there dexter fans here? i am also fan of dexter. a perfect story of a serial killer.
this series hasnt finished yet. this year is time for 8th season. this is also in my favourite series list. you can fee the thoughts in the killer's mind. i think this series also has pssychological statements and maybe that is why i am fan of this series. 
3)this one is 'The Big Bang Theory' it is also funny series. i am still watching it. sheldon is my favourite character. if you watch this series, i am sure he is also your favourite character :)
4) I am also watching 'How I Met Your Mother' but it isnt good like before. it is my opinion :) 

do you have suggests for me? you almost understood which kind of series i like.
what is your favourite tv series?
and by the way, what do you think about fringe and person of interest? these are also in my check list. i am planning to start..



Have you watched "hannibal"? It's the new axn tv serie, it's great.


heyy i just saw it last week. and i really thought about that should i watch or not. i watched the movie hannibal and it was amazing. is it like that?
by the way i am impatient person. when i start  to watch a series, i cant wait the final. are you like that or you can watch every week 1 episode easily? 


I love sci-fi! I suggest watching Defiance. It's a new TV show from Sci-Fi chanel very good!

Pablo thanks! i just heard there is a channel like that. i am checking now..

Where is Law and Order?!?!?!?!

is it good series? i just heard. probably i am fresman about tv series. i am also checking it. but i found my first series to start. hannibal is a good choice :)
@Cj hepp
yes I also love physics and mathematics and those are exciting and funny. However i guess usually scientists are better  than science :) their characters are really interesting and funny. 
i will also check up eureka and alphas, thanks for your recommendation.. 

Game of Thrones is the best TV series I've ever seen!!!(HBO translates)

If you are interested in genre of fantasy, it will be good way of spending time :)



@Cj hepp


The problem about Alphas is that it have been cancelled :(

most of my friends are watching game of thrones and they are telling, it is amazing. but i dont know should i watch or not. probably i dont like this kind of series. but i guess i had better start :) 

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