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What is most difficult and easy to learn? Chinese, Japanese, Corean or Arabic.

I really don´t know about it, because I don´t know anything about Chinese, Japanese, Corean or Arabic, But I like their different characters. I am not asking only for writing, I am asking this in general: Grammar, Pronunciation, Time to learn it, etc. What do you think. If you talk any of those languages tell me your points of views, Why is difficult? why is easy? what do you think is easy or difficult in comparison with other languages?.   



I don't think any of the four would be easy for non-native speakers (by the way, the correct spelling is Korean =]). 

Hello Christine. Thank you for writing here. I think I made a mistake hehehe, I shoulda said which is easier or more difficult? 

Hello Diego, as a native speaker of Chinese, I must say it is not so easy for learning. To learn it, you may need to learn "pinyin" first, which can be regarded as the "phonetics" of Chinese. Also, in order to recognise the Chinese letters, you need to learn the components of Chinese characters. Many chinese words got implicatioms. Sounds a litte bit complicated, huh? but never mind, learing a foreign language can never be easy, interest and persistence are what matter.

As for the Japanese, one of me friends is learning it now. According to what she described, it is easy to getting start, but when getting deeper, you will find it is harder and harder, it is encumbered with many of the genteel honorifics.

Hope these will show you some clue.

Hello Sharon. I had never thought in studying chinese before, but I searched on the internet, and I found a list with the most useful language to learn, at first English and as Second Chinese because It is the most spoken language in the world, and China is the second large economy in the world, and maybe many years later China will be the first. Yes it sounds a little bit complicated because my native language is Spanish. But I think it wouldn´t be impossible. However I would like to start studying as a Chinese kid. Because It is the best way. Here in my country is very difficult to find schools or someone who can teach me how to understand Chinese speeches and how to speak chinese. Well, I would like to master english first. I like Japanese because I am a big fan of Animes and Mangas from there but It looks similar to chinese hehehe. But I think that a person from China or Japan faces similar troubles with western languages, but your english is pretty good. Thank you for writing here. I have tried to listen some Chinese videos, but I can´t catch anything hehehe.    

 As an arabic native speaker

I think that they are all difficult to learn,but Chinese language is becoming popular cause the growth of the economy 

is your own!haha  

Hello Little Sun. Well spanish is not a piece of cake (For me is very easy hehehe). But it is the second most studied language in the world. I have read that is easier than other languages for foreigners. I think our pronunciation is very easy because we only have 5 vowel sounds and they are always the same no matter what consonant are after or before (that is not true in english). But our grammar is a little bit more complicated than the english grammar. But it depends who are interested in learning Spanish, but I think if you already know how to speak either english or French or Portuguese or Italian. Learning Spanish is not very hard.  

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