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Appearance and internal, which one would you most like ?

 When i ask this question ,most of the people will say"of course the latter",but i think many human like to be the former . Well . When we meet a person ,We always used to go to see their appearance rather than their internal.Maybe we will look the latter,but it is base on the former ,i think. So how do you think of this, the former or the latter?



I think that many people are fascinated by physical appearance, but only in the beginning because When you look a person at first you can't see their personality, What their internal features are, You only know how she/he looks like, I think that the body is important because you need it to live, but even if you are not handsome/beautiful, you can match with someone who is more good looking. Because is not your body or face what makes fall in love another, you can be eager to know a good looking person. However you also know many people who aren´t as handsome/beautiful as the first one. Finally personality and a beautiful soul of a person win against appearance. 

I concur with Diego. Beauty doesn't last forever. Also, in order for someone to be beautiful on the outside, the inner part is actually important, because it has something to do with the person's aura and presence.

Sorry , my answer is a little different from amber's assumption . My anwser is appearance matters heavily in my mind. This is really a undeniable fact for most people do like to see good looking people . I enjoy taking a look at beautiful girls who fascinate me and I have to admit it is very unfair to those who are inborn ugly or even handicapped even if Beauty is but skin deep.  After all , it is a virtual life , a destiny you cannot change and you have to accept .

I do like to see good looking lady , while it does not mean I will judge a woman only by her appearance. I  acknowledge those people with good looking just have good appearance . That is all I know  so  I would not judge a person only by his apperance . I know that is a pretty girl ,this is a handsome guy so far. Why should I give them predetermined value before i begin to make friend with them ? Taken altogether, I am sure I would judge a man/girl by his/her outer looking and internal characteristics as well.

I saw many people who are  really a very good looking,but from internal they are evil.

Actually ,it's hard to say ,buy most of the time ,most of the people want to make friends with the girls/boys  that they had good-looking /handsome  face ,so it's not fair for other people.

but sometimes when you meet someone you have the similar experience in the past ,maybe you can talk a lot ,maybe you don't care his/her apperance.

The phisical appearence is very important.... but the important thing is to speak with a girl, exchange opinions, explain own points of view...etc..If in a person i don't find nothing of this, I leave her and i find another girl

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