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student exchange between countries

what the advantage and disadvantage from this.



  In my opinion ,to be a exchange student ,there are many advantages ,firstly ,you can use no money to go to the country which you want to go ,secondly ,in that country ,you have to say that language all day ,in this way ,you can improve yourself quickly ,finnally ,you also can learn the culture of that country very well ,and feel their life . But it centainly has disadvantage ,if you go aboard alone in a strange country ,no one care of you ,you might feel upset and fear, however ,I think it will be fine soon .

I can say that, as advantages,you can make friends who is the same of your generation in foreign country,and you can learn new point of view.I have been a hostfamily when I was in high school, and an exchange student,my friends and my I could make great memories together. I think most of Japnese especially have much hospitality,so if you came Japan, I'm sure you like this country,people and foods any more.

About disadvantages,you may feel stresfull the difference of culture until you used to there. But both of them must be positive experience.

Advantages of an exchange student is that you will be able to travel to the country you wish to go. You could learn their culture, language, way of living there. If you able to get a Scholarship, you could basicly live there without worrying about the money.


Disadvantages of it will be, most of the people feel that they are out of place, unable to understand the way of living or culture. Some of the exchange student who goes there don't want to go there anymore. Unless you are very intersted in japanese culture, and could actually handle their culture and the way of living. 


If you not be able to get a scholarship, they might place you in one of the host family at japan.

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