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Asking "How are you?" in Arabic



So, there are obviously many ways of asking "how are you" in Arabic like other languages.

Can someone please define which one is formal, informal, used among friends or slang etc. and their appropriate replies?





Oh, and same with the greetings ? : ) Ahlan, Hala, Salam, Salam Aleykoum, Merhaba etc

 Salam Aleykoum, Merhaba = formal

 Hala, Salam,= informal

weesh a5bark = informal saudi accent




Thank you Afnan-d ; )

Hi,if you ask about the definition of "how are you?" it will be (2ezayk 3amla 2eah? ,ازيك عاملة ايه)for girls

(2ezayk 3amel 2eah?ازيك عامل ايه) for boys .this is a slang Egyptian and it can use among friends,families and any person you may meet.

arabic fws7a it will be (كيف حالك؟)



you can say elsalamo 3alykoum (السلام عليكم) or you can say good morning (saba7 el8aer صباح الخير) ,good afternoon (مساء الخير masa2 el8aer).those are  more formal but you can used it among friends or you can say hiii,or 2ahlan أهلا 


i hope that it helps you:)

Thank you @Basma

2ezayk 3amel 2eah, This one is totally new to me, I've never heard it before : )

oh, i forgot the replies ezayek 3amla 2eah? 2na be8er أنا بخير =i 'm fine

 actually there are many replies but you can use this in all situation"formal or informal"

السلام عليكم ;(we 3alykoum 2elsalam وعليكم السلام)=peace be upon you too


hi the really meaning of (how are you )in arabic 

1-keef el7al (كيف الحال )

2-azayk (for male) (ازيك)

3-azeyk (for female)(ازيك)

4-3aml eh (for male) عامل ايه

5-3amla eh (for female) عامله ايه 

6-eh a7`barak (male) ايه اخبارك 

7- eh a7`barek (female)ايه اخبارك 

this is the most common of meaning how are you in arabic 

well it depends where you are going to use it!


in gulf countries you may say: esh 3lomak? ايش علومك

in Iraq: shlonak? شلونك

in Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon: keef 7alak or keefak? كيف حالك أو كيفك

in Egypt: Ezzayyak? ازيك

North African especially Morocco: keedayer? كيداير


all these expressions are informal.. the formal one can be used everywhere: kayf al 7al? كيف الحال

or Kayfa antom? كيف أنتم

Ma akhbarak? ما أخبارك؟


Enjoy Arabic! *_^

@Rafe Thank you, this was useful!

in uae

- sh7alek ( شحالك)  

- sha5bark ( شخبارك)

-sho 3lomek (شو علومك)

for femal you put ch instad of k .. sh7alech .. ج instade of ك شحالج 




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