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How Does it feel to Say "Thank you " to someone who helped you so much ? 



Most of time it is formalization that would bring up embarrassed feeling. People in fron of you should respond too and they usually dont just say it one time. You would respond it many times.

So I think it should be used in appropriate time but I dont know what situation exactly too.


How Does it feel to Say "Thank you " to someone who helped you so much ?

I will answer this question:)because your question which is written in chinese is totally confused me~~~~(>_<)~~~~

I guess just feel thankful……And try to help others next time~~


I would say 感激不尽(Gan3 Ji1 Bu2 Jin4)。

感激,means appreciate

不尽,means not ending at all.

the whole meaning will be: I appreciate very deeply without ending.

Hi ,Your chinese make us feel confused !


Xie xie is a pharase used as common as Thank you in english !


No matter when you feel apreciate ,you can say Xie Xie ,and ppl who heard this would feel as the same when you say thank you to ppl  in english .


if you want to emphasize the Xie Xie .u  can say " 真是太感谢了 Zhen Shi Tai Gan Xie le !" or "非常感谢 Fei Chang Gan Xie” which both means "thank you so much !"


Generally Speaking ,after you said "Xie Xie " ppl would answer "不用谢  bu yong xie " " 不客气  bu ke qi " " 没事“Mei shi " .

Hi Saleh, you are indeed discussing 'something' here. I think it's a feedback mechanism of earning one's trust and respect. But having been relating to italki for some time, nothing can surprise me now. Probably be a cultural issue or an individual issue there--to me, it's even better to say 'I don't need your help' or 'I don't like your help' than show nothing but indifference, but I don't care now. However, whenever I get help from others I definitely say or do something thankful--even it might sound wordy or seem inessential at times but that's the way we, most Asian people I believe, were brought up.

对不起 , 我知道我的汉语不很好, 但是我必须实践 (I must practice) 

Thank you all for trying to help answering my question :) 

For me , Saying Thank you when you feel grateful to someone , or sorry when you make a mistake is a BIG BIG courage ! 

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