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Lets help each other! 我们一起互相帮助。

Add my Wechat ID: Ishkalicious 


i need to learn chinese, and ill help you with english in return. I am a native english speaker. Take care! :)



可以啊,如果你想的话随时可以找我。普通话 广东都可以!!

Ok, make friends, together with progress.


I am glad to share my native language (Chinese) with you . No matter you like skype or webchat . I know skype can provide clearer sound in conservation but you preder webchat , I still have the software to speak to you. I prefer we can schedule in advance to have a fixed period of time . In my personal opinion , we can learn more effectively than casual conservation and language learning needs more sophisticated efforts. I advise the scheduled time is set for approximately 1 hour . 50/50 percentage share of language is preferred . I am happy to  teach and conserve with you . 


have a nice day  , see you soon


你好,中文应该比英语好学。英语让人头疼!can you understand me?



hi, i'd like to help. is skype ok? 

You can add my Skype, and the ID is wayne__zhang. I am a chinese, I can teach you Chinese and want study English with you.

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