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Do you agree that school`s years are the best moments of our life?



At first sight, for teenagers are the worst days. Nevertheless, in the long term they will miss those years, I suppose

Yes !senior now


Yes I think so. If there were a time machine, I would like to get back the time when I was in highschool. 

I had spend pretty good Time. But I also understand what Steve H is saying.

No. I do not fit my cultural stereotype very well (loud, exuberant, social, etc....) and so high school were some of the worst years of my life.

yes i agree

i wish to back to school again :D

It varies dramatically depending upon personal experience . I was not so happy in my teenager  as I  had to learn something that I did not like . After graduation from university  , I began to be happier as I can do more I like . while in my middle school , it is one of my worse time in my life . I know someone still missing the time during middle school , but I really ascertain I was not happy at that time because I have to confront endless homework and incessant examination . 


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