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who is the responsible of the world?

tell me with out any control how can every thing is going on in this world. sun and moon come on time and gone on time. why?



The laws of nature are responsible for what happens to our world.  The Sun was formed in the same way that other stars are now currently forming in our galaxy from clouds of dust and gas.  Most scientists believe that our Moon was created from the Earth, after the young Earth had collided with another large planetary body.  Macroevolution is a natural process by which all life, including humans, naturally evolved from a simple, single-celled organism.  Simple life came from non-living organic material and natural energy. 

There is a natural explanation for everything.  :D

Was it Einstein who theorized or stated that all objects with mass have a gravitational attraction to other objects? Or did this precede him? In any case, it is gravity which dictates the movements of celestial objects. It is gravity which pulls an object back towards the ground when it is in the air. It is the moon's gravitational pull on water which causes the tides. I don't honestly, why celestial objects orbit other celestical objects, and they are not pulled into each other in a great explosion or something. (although this does happen in the case of meteorite's no?) Maybe you can explain it to me understandably, no else has been able to in a way I understood.


The guy who invented chess isn't responcible for every chess game that has been played. In fact I even think that he wasn't a very good chess player. His main merit is that he established some rules. Not the hardest work possible. Creating and playing each and every game would be much more difficult.


P.S. If I interpreted your question incorrectly, please forgive my ignorance :)

How can there be laws of nature without a law-maker. Who made these laws did they invent themselves. Life coming from non-life is the most unscientific, un-testable, unproveable, un-observable theory i've ever heard.

Nobody knows the answer to this question. All we have are opinions and theories.

@Heinz what made me laugh is that you just made an absolute statement "NOBODY knows the answer to this question"... Is that a fact or is that your opinion?

Hi, Johnii.  Abiogenesis or biopoiesis is a natural process by which life arises from simple organic compounds.

Steve H, have you personally observed this hapenning or are you believing by faith?

Yes, there is proof of macroevolution. Obviously, no human can sit around and wait millions of years to observe this process happening, so we must look elsewhere. There are millions of fossils to show transitions and millions of animals to compare DNA.

Chromosome 2 proves that humans share a common ancestor with the Great Apes. All of the Great Apes have 48 chromosomes (24 pairs), we have 46 chromosomes (23 pairs). Where did that pair go? Evolutionary scientists believed that a chromosome had gotten fused, but they weren't sure. If there was no fused chromosome, then evolutionary science had a huge problem explaining the common evolutionary ancestory between apes and humans. However, scientists have found evidence that human chromosome 2 is the fusion of two ancestral chromosomes.

"Chromosomes have a telomere on each end and a centromere in the middle. Each chromosome has two telomeres and one centromere. So if a chromosome had been fused, it would have three telomeres (one on each end and one in the middle) and two centromeres (one should be inactive). Guess what...scientists found it. Chromosome 2 has three telomeres and two centromeres (unlike any other chromosome). Somewhere along the line, we broke off and took our own evolutionary route, although we humans still belong in the family of Great Apes." ...  (Ken Miller)  ...

Endogenous Retroviruses also prove Evolution.

Endogenous Retroviruses (ERVs) are the relics of ancient viral infections preserved in our DNA. The odd thing is many ERVs are located in exactly the same position on our genome and the chimpanzee genome!

There are two explanations for the perfectly matched ERV locations. Either it is an unbelievable coincidence that viruses just by chance were inserted in exactly the same location in our genomes, or humans and chimps share a common ancestor.

The chances that a virus was inserted at the exact same location is 1 in Humans and chimps share 16 pairs of viruses inserted at perfectly matched location.

It was our common ancestor that was infected, and we both inherited the ERVs. ERVs provide the closest thing to a mathematical proof for evolution.

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