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who is the responsible of the world?

tell me with out any control how can every thing is going on in this world. sun and moon come on time and gone on time. why?



Was it Einstein who theorized or stated that all objects with mass have a gravitational attraction to other objects? Or did this precede him? In any case, it is gravity which dictates the movements of celestial objects. It is gravity which pulls an object back towards the ground when it is in the air. It is the moon's gravitational pull on water which causes the tides. I don't honestly, why celestial objects orbit other celestical objects, and they are not pulled into each other in a great explosion or something. (although this does happen in the case of meteorite's no?) Maybe you can explain it to me understandably, no else has been able to in a way I understood.


The guy who invented chess isn't responcible for every chess game that has been played. In fact I even think that he wasn't a very good chess player. His main merit is that he established some rules. Not the hardest work possible. Creating and playing each and every game would be much more difficult.


P.S. If I interpreted your question incorrectly, please forgive my ignorance :)

How can there be laws of nature without a law-maker. Who made these laws did they invent themselves. Life coming from non-life is the most unscientific, un-testable, unproveable, un-observable theory i've ever heard.

Nobody knows the answer to this question. All we have are opinions and theories.

@Heinz what made me laugh is that you just made an absolute statement "NOBODY knows the answer to this question"... Is that a fact or is that your opinion?

Steve H, have you personally observed this hapenning or are you believing by faith?

hi, guys these all things told us Our Prophet Muhammad (Salalaho alihe waalihi wasulim) after send the Holy Quran by The Allah. these all theories told us 1400  years ago. and these days all human accept these things. it is right. So being a muslim this is my faith Allah has a Authority and only Allah made this  world. if you want more learn about this chek the english version of This holy Quran. 

Is one difference between science and other ways of thinking is that in science, everything is considered to be an hypothesis, even if is generally accepted. Newtonian physics was accepted as probably true, but was then superseded by Einstein's theories. Einstein I think argued that over great distances, or speeds, Newtonian physics, although still with practical applications, does not accurately describe observable phenomona. Do not scientists and does not scientific literature still use the term "Charles Darwin's *theory* of evolution"?

actually i'm not sure what is Darwen theory i know but not now. if you tell me then i can explain you. but yeah these scientist are great but if you want to confirm search from Quran. because at that time all the things write in Quran 100% true.

I agree with Steve H.  There is no scientific evidence that life evolved from slime or whatever you want to call non-life.  Perhaps a lot of wishful thinking by some scientists but no real evidence.  Einstein said you have to believe either there are no miracles or everything is a miracle.  I prefer to believe the latter because it gives life meaning and with out meaning life is devalued.  Besides, who can look at the incredible diversity and beauty of nature and believe it all came about by pure chance.  We live in an enchanted world.

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