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Do you think China will unban Twitter and Facebook?





too late.


i think no. Chineses want to improve its own social network, firstly in their country then move on others


I hope the rest of the world will unite with China and ban this ##.

Censorship never works properly. It's much better to legalise and regulate stuff... history teaches us this time and time again.

I am very happy to see that your question has not been deleted.


So I will be VERY careful in what I say.


I agree with other posters: those services will continue to be banned.


If you study  the influence of Twitter and Facebook in other countries, you will  understand why they will continue to be banned in your country.


I had better stop now.



Have a nice day!


Who knows?  I believe the "dominators" will never let this happen. Firstly, it is said that our country wanted to develop our own social netwark,so the competition should be diminished. Secondly, Twitter and Facebook provide a good condition of international hacking,especially from the USA. Lastly and truly, the "dominators" are not willing to let us kown more about the outside world, they are unwilling to  let us understand the comments and views from the westen world about their policies and behaviors. The more ignorant we are , the more easily we will be governed.

Yes. 18 october t.e. It's my birhday.

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