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what is the silent letters in turkish ?

as in tanıştığımıza the ğ is silent ..

i want to read turkish articles and i want the tips to read it correctly..

can any one help me .. :)



"ğ" it's hard to explain this. Have you tried listening to its pronunciation in google translate?

Just listen and see if you can imitate.

It comes from the throat but it's so soft. imagine like the H from Habibi in Arabic : ) but g version of it ......ahahahah I made a total mess of explaining it and maybe confused you even more pahhhh sorry 


Turkish only has one silent letter. It is ğ.

Bağ, for example, is read without ğ, only ''ba'' but it end with a soft ''a''





and for ğ in the middle


Moğol= mo-ol



In short, do not read it. Ignore ğ. I don't know why we use it where it has no fucntion.




There are no proper silent letters in Turkish. 'ğ' is most definetely NOT silent but it might sound so based on the dialect and environment. It would be different between two friends than when talking on the TV.


Those who claim 'ğ' is silent should try saying 'ağız'. It would sound very uneducated to say 'aaz'.

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