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Choosing a career

I'm an Information Technology student and I'm on my third term. During my second term, I almost got a failing grade in Programming. I felt so sad because it is one of my major subject, and something goes on my mind if I should shift on another course. Should I pursue my IT course or shift in another courses?



I got the same problem and failed my java course but i pursued and now i am improving , it's hard but once you understand it , u will get used to it  Good luck in choosing ur career :)

I do not have a clue about Programming, but I think you need to analize why you failed. If you got failing grade because you didn't have time to study hard or some other reason, then it means you didn't put enought efforts - you need to work harder. On the other hand, if you don't get the subject (Programming) or it is not really interesting for you, then I think you need to choose other course. 

Don't to hurry to move to another course. Everybody have less and plus. Maybe programming is your less in IT. You should to find a partner who good in programming and help her/his with your plus. I think it can useful to help your self and another.

don't worry, do what you love / love whta you do :)

I've been in IT for some time, and the exciting thing is that there are so many facets to it that you can choose from. Not everyone wants to be a developer. You can be a Systems Admin, a network engineer, QA person, project manager, designer, or choose from any of a large number of options.


But, as Vladimir said, do what you love. If you love IT, i'd say find some area of IT that you enjoy and work on it.


Don't give up, seek help!  Programming is one of the most researchable fields in all of education, you can find any information or help you need online.  Programming requires a bit of unconventional thinking, but the Business IT and Software Development market have incredible amounts of opportunities, as Gboyah said.


IF (you hate the subject from the bottom of your heart, and you chose IT only because your parents or friends wanted so) THEN (feel free to quit);

IF (you just feel tired and have lost some interest in it) THEN ((take a month off of computers and IT, but don't quit) OR (motivate yourself by doing some practical things in programming. It's amazing how curiosity survives formal education with its predominance of theory. If you don't use your knowledge meaninfully your brain thinks that you don't need that knowlegde and tries to change the wave))

IF (you're concerned by the grade only) THEN (don't be concerned by grades. Grades are grades, not skills or knowledge. We study at unis not to get grades I hope)

//Best wishes.

English language is not my native language. Do Career and course have the same meaning? Programming is only a subject. Are you interested in IIT Management or programing only? If you love programming I think you could focus in programming instead a IT career.
I recommend you to study and practice programming a little more get a best score

If you are not intersted in programming and you are far frustrated in this field no matter who you work, the best polcy is to consider what way is better for your future. do not pay much attention to what you are really not concerned about.

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