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Does someone wants to learn Serbian?

If someone wants to learn Serbian,i can help.



How similar are spoken Serbian and Croatian? I've heard differing opinions saying they're exactly the same to only slightly similar.

Hi. Learning to speak Serbian is my life-long dream. I could help with English and Russian in return. :)

Serbian and Croatian are the same with very little difference.

If you know Serbian you can speak with someone who come from Croatia...

In that case I'd like to learn it. I started learning Croatian about two months ago, but have spent so much time concentrating on my studies, as well as German and Chinese, that I've neglected my other languages.

I like to learn Serbia, but I dont have anything acount to pay that. Could you helpme how to buy credit if dont hanve anything acount? (I dont have paypal, master card, visa e.t.c)

I'd love to learn Serbian! May I help in return by teaching you English or Japanese, rather than paying?  Hvala :) 

Natsuko F-H, I will help you about Serbian,i like that you want to learn my native language. :)

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