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which city is better to live in? Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore?



Hong Kong is better


Their shopping mall is very interesting. You also can go out between islands.

Perhaps you want to something cheaper. You can go to shenzhen.

But I heard an entry here seem that does not change much.

shenzhen's beggar would run after you for your skin. He did not meet that because that he is also yellow.

So Hong Kong is better for you too.

Shanghai and Hongkong are unpleasantly full of people.So,i think those city aren't a good place to live in the city


Singapore is my favorite! If you like beautiful and tropical and clean and multicultural.  Good government cares about the welfare of people _and_ business, not just business like China, far less corruption than China. Easy to get around speaking English, first rate universities and hospitals, plenty of shopping too of course. Maybe more shopping deals in HK. Very expensive to live there tho, more than the US, but you can find reasonable hotels if you visit.


Egypt is the best :D

if mine,i will chooes Singapore.

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