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Where is the best place to study Chinese in China?

I’m not going to university this year and I want to take this opportunity to work and take a three month Chinese course in China.  


I’ve already started learning Mandarin Chinese on my own and know how to make (very) short conversation and read a little 漢語.  I know that Mandarin (Standard) Chinese is what most people go for because it’s “easy”, but is it really more useful to learn Manadrin than it is other Chinese dialects? 


Also, one of my friends who doesn’t speak English (or Chinese) worked in Shanghai for a year and loved it so much he’s going back.  He tells me that Shanghai is much more entertaining than Beijing but I’ve read that it’s better to learn Mandarin Chinese in Beijing.  Would you know anything about the costs of living in these cities and my chances of studying for cheap?  If you kno of any other towns or cities that I should look up for my trip, by all means, share them.  


I’ve been told that it may be next to impossible to take a course and work part-time to cover costs of living in China.  Is this true?  When I look for a job, which ones will be most lucrative in China?


Thank you for your input! 



I heard an employee at shanghai's university. Some of foreign students dont have enough money. They have ways to find jobs there. I think they charge this kind of courses very expensive but that may include to arrange hotel for you. Perhaps it will be cheaper if you arrange that for yourself.

I am a Chinese teacher,I think that you'd better come to Huhhot city for your chinese course,because living here is more cheaper than Beijing or Shanghai.and mandarin is most standard Chinese,If you learn it in Shanghai or other city located in southern China ,You will not be able to learn standard mandarin.please add my qq :1036236706 or skype :john19670301.

First of all,most people learn Mandarin beacuse it is China`s standard language.You can hardly find a Chinese people who cannot understand Mandarin.But their are lots of dialectes in China, and many dialectes are not understand by most Chinese people.

If you want to learn Mandarin,you must be go to North China.And the best city is Beijing,because most people speak very stardand Mandarin in Beijing(people who borned in Beijing are exclused,they speak Beijing dialectes ,which has a very little difference in pronunciation between standard Mandarin),all other cities in China speak more or less dialectes.

The living cost is a little high in Beijing .

I strongly suggest you do not go to South China including Shanghai.Most of people in southern china cannot speak standard Mandarin very well,though they try hard.

I suggest you go to Beijing than shanghai. Besause shanghai resident usually speak "Shanghai Mandiran" It is a kind of different accent.But both of them have high cost especially in rent an apartment.


Ps. Can you add me to became a study partner. I am from Beijng and want to pratice to native english speaker. I think we can help each other :)

I'm John from Huhhot of innner mongolia ,a public servant ,work for Hhhhot goverment.Huhhot is a city close to Beijing ,and If you live here for learning Chinese ,it will be cheaper than Beijing.and you can find a job of teaching English ,for example in little London English school or New Dongfang English school etc,in general,learning Chinese must live in northern city close to Beijing ---because most of southern Chinese people's pronunciation is not standard due to their dialectal know,mandarin is based in northern Chinese pronunciationpeople's pronunciation and Beijing's people's pronunciation.
I make a suggestion for you:"the most important to learning a language is that language environment"!

this are two; they can help you.if you are free,you'd better come to china as a traveller,you can find some chance to teach English.

Hi Theta, this is Victor.

I don't suggest you go to ShangHai and other southern cities in China if you just want to learn good Chinese, because they don't speak standard Chinese. I think thier languages are even not Chinese, because I can't understand them at all even I am a Chinese, they use their own vernacular in daily life.

Why don't you come to Dalian, a beautiful seaside city, it's peaceful in most districts, and it's also very lively in the city center. Living cost which is unlike that of Beijing and Shanghai,is not very high. The basic living cost is no more than 4000 Yuan (about 680 Canadian dollar).

The people in Dalian are pretty firendly to foreigners, people here are fond of learn English very much, so it isn't difficult for you to get a part-time job as a English teacher,and it is said that the pay is greatly high for foreign English teachers. (200~300 yuan per hour) A local college student who does a part-time job in Starbucks or Mcdonald's is paid 6~8 yuan per hour. (Almost 50 times )

The nightlife here is also attractive, because I nerve hang out at a bar or a dancery, I don't know the details, sorry. :D

No matter if you would like to know more about China or you want to improve your Chinese language skills, why don't you skype me  "".  I'm a college student living in Dalian, and I'm a Mandarin Chinese speaker,and I'm improving my English right now. I'm looking forward to hear from you very much.  o(∩_∩)o 


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