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What do you know about Belarus?



I am from Russia, but I know about Belarus not much. I know that we have common border in the East, the capital of Belarus is Minsk, and your president is Lukashenko. Really not much. What can you tell about your country?


My country is very beautiful! Beautiful nature, clean city, sympathetic people. We have a lot of places where people can spiritually and physically break from the bustle of big cities megopolisov! The largest city in Belarus - Minsk. It's very cozy and quiet city, with beautiful streets and squares. In Belarus there are many small towns with ancient deep history in Minsk, Shults, Turov, Polotsk. In Belarus, 6 areas: Minsk, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Gomel, Brest and Grodno. Each area has a bit of the history of the nation. Come to Belarus, and discover a new world filled with natural beauty and hospitality of the people :)


I am from Indonesia, actually i know Belarus not much


Belarus is the country inland, relatively flat, and has a large marshy areas. Lakes and rivers to form this country. The largest swamp area is Polesia, which is one of the largest swamps in Europe. There are 11,000 lakes in Belarus


Belarus as a Tourist Destination

Forests cover more than a third of Belarus's 80,000 square miles (about the same size as the state of Kansas or the UK). They are a very beautiful and mysterious where birch, oak, maple and pine to provide shelter for the European bison, bears, wolves, lynx, elk and deer. Where the forest ends, tourists will find picturesque villages and historical monuments in the form of churches, monasteries and palaces that date back to the twelfth century.



- Eastern European country bordering with Russia;

- Mild and humid climate;

- Capital is Minsk(Chinese:明斯克);

- Former Soviet Union as one of the 15 republics;

- Rich in beauty(all Eastern European countries);

- Have a good realition with China in military cooperation recently years;



I know only one thing about Belarus.


But it is something bad, so I shall not tell you.


It was nice to read your post in which you told us  some of the good things about your country.



Of course, as in any country there are a lot of problems. So I wonder what they know about my country in the world. It does not have to be only good. It is interesting to know different opinions. James, tell us what you know?

I don't know much about Belarus (I am more familiar with Ukraine and Russia for my Russian friends are mainly from these two), but there are a number of Russian people working and living in Taiwan, some of whom are famous performing artists even and Margaret, I say, would be the best known coming from Belarus :D


In this clip they were talking about a Taiwanese song competition and something funny, see

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