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Do relationships affect career?

Do our relationships affect our career? What should we do to set the balance ?




I am very sure about the interpersonal relationship would affect your career . I have no ideas in western countries , yet , it is definitely right  for most people working in Chinese society

I think relationships do affect career but it should be divided. Because there will be different things happening. Chinese are used to do that, So they have place for it where out of career market.

Drinking a lot, Play female....etc. Those will bring up more problems than you expect. Because of you did not think society professionally. You did not know how to become those pictures were taken.

So here changed much after practicing that. Cause everyone know you can not bear that.

Then talk about business without relationship that has another things happening too.

Althought, Sometimes it would overlap but you know what is "should be done" and "should not be done"

It is still easy to keep your relatiohship. So "bad guys" have their own cycle "good guys" have their own cycle too. I am not saying that is wrong or right, Just depend on your character. But I think general people can not bear the group of "bad guys" finally, The group of " good guys" become their wish.

The social picture become that even from the view outside what they think about...

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