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what makes you special?

try hard to clarify you good features that you love in your character ,and also they are the reason you love yourself for. Try hard to know what are your defects too for they are important to be realistic and not selfish, the defects that make you angr with yourslef and you want them to ba changed or removed....anything makes you special whether it's good or bad wanted to be changed




What makes me special is my love for reading and writing. My mother is a professor of literature and writing at a university, so she has always insisted I must love to read when I was a child.


I did not know how important this was while I was growing up, because someone who loves to read and write can teach themselves many things. It was my love for reading that made school easy for me, and I saw that those of my friends who did not like to read had a very hard time in school.


In college I did not know what I wanted to study, and I switched my major many times trying to find a career that I would be good at. I would get very good grades on my essays, and eventually I decided that I wanted to be a writer of some kind for my profession.

My red hair

wow! @john paz i wish i was like you realyy because my study in college requires essays and reading all the time and i'm only good at reading..i mean i really love r eading and writing too as in diaries or thoughts or something like thos but essays....noooo way!!!!!! hate them!!!

i wish you good luck in your career and keep it up ;)

 @ebonny  it is  definitely special :D

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