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Learn English together

Hey guys. I'm Phoebe from Vietnam. I've been studying English for years so my English is pretty good, especially the grammar. However, I need improving my speaking skill a lot. The best way to be fluent is to practice. That's the reason why I'm gathering members and forming a group to study. We can choose topics and debate to see different point of views from different cultures. We can exchange information about our nations and discuss about what's going on all over the world. We can share our dreams and make it together. We can help other members to learn our mother tongue. We even can become a tour guide for members coming to visit our country. Language, English in particular, is an efficient tool for us to integrate into the world. Let's study in the most effective way!
Join us here:




Hello Phoebe! Do you want native English speakers in your group also?

Hello!!! I´m trying to learn a litle of English... but I´m not understanding how to use this page... can someone help me? 

Good idea 

Hi guys. I'm glad you are interested in this idea. Of course this group welcome members from all over the world as we not only practicle language skill together but also exchange knowledge about our majors and countries. Join us in the facebook link above. If you don't have a facebook account, then leave your Skype account here. My SKype is: Phoeboe.tran102

Sorry it's Phoebe.tran102

That's Great!

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