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What language would you like to master?

What language would you want to become good at? Comment your languages :)



At the moment I'm studying oriental languages at university, and my major is korean. I hope to be fluent in this wonderful language =D

English, Korean and maybe someday I'll consider learning Turkish and Esperanto ( I've began both of them but left them for some reasons! )

american english,i don't know why i love this language but when i speak it it make feel good.

English, Korean ^_^

Korean... and English, T T. 

Awesome :) My language would be to learn Korean and Japanese :D

I would like to master english, but I prefer American accent rather than British accent. I would like to study French and German in the future when I will Master English.

Practically speaking, I want to learn Spanish. But I'd love to know Korean, too (and apparently so do a lot of people??) 

English because if I will have studed it, I will can communicate with most people of the World.:)


P.S. if you want to study Russian, I can help

I would love to master Chinese and Italian. 

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