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HSK Level 2 Exam

Hi everyone,

I will be sitting the second level of HSK next month, having skipped the first one at the advice of a Chinese friend. Just wondered if anyone had sat this already and had any good tips to prepare? I have a practice book and I'm working through that, but to say the level is 300 words, they like to drop some complicated things in there!

Thanks for any help!



Hello, I sat the highest level of HSK, and my advise will be, try to test yourself with the paper from before.


If you could talk simple chinese sentence with your chinese friend, you could easily handle this.

If you can, find a chinese children book online, and try understnad the sentence on there. It will be a great help


You could also study from the list here 


Hope this helps


Thank you for this! Wow you took the highest level? I want to be able to one day too! I'll check out those website, I appreciate your tips :)

Hi there,


good question. Have you tried ?


They have tons of practice questions and you can also take whole practice tests. In addition there is vocabulary training and a few other things to practice.


Good luck with your test.





   wow, tomorrow I will have an English exam ,too.

I think that it will be useful to me have a chat in English with italki friend .And so do you.



Here,I wish you success.

Hi Mark, thanks for the link, I'll check it out :) just hoping I can pass! 


CcDd, good luck with your exam, I bet you will do great!

My tip...don't skip the first one! It might be easy but you'll learn how the exam works and how to prioritize your time.


I did think of that James, but I completed 10 level 1 exams and they didnt push me too much at all. Thought I better have some challenge! I have about 4 weeks until this one so lets see how it goes! :)

hello, I sat HSK2 exam in 2012 , I think you need to learn 300 words which at the end of the practice books, my result is (99 from 100)at reading section and (83 from 100) at listening section ,and before the month of the exam I haven't any Background about chinese language!, So if you study the HSK2 book carefuly you will have excellent degree...
I can send you practice HSK2 books and its audio , if you want please give me your email .
I hope all the best for you....


since you'v said the HSK. i saught it in the web, then i found some interesting website. haha.

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