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Don't think of yourself as an ugly person.Think of yourself as a beautiful monkey.——LOL:)...That's true!



I don't think so. I believe that the best skill humans have is self-deception. So a person who is really not so good looking, would start using his self-deception skills and begin saying to himself= I am not a beautiful person, rather I am beautiful Monkey. Maybe he should repeat it three times after meals.

No Violet things shouldn't be solved this way. If someone thinks he/she is not good-looking, it's better for him/her to find a non-good-looking partner and stick with him/her. That's better than improving his/her self-deception skill. By the way, Some people who are not really beautiful or good-looking use their self-deception skills and start believing that they are beautiful or good looking. You have to know that some people are good-looking and some people are not. We should be honest with ourselves. If you think that you're not good-looking or beautiful, accept it.

@Ahmed that's pretty shallow way of thinking. According to you, people select their partners only by their beauty. I have to disappoint you but many people still (fortunately) look into deeper features such as intelligence, knowledge, sense of humour and manners. When you let your emotions play with your life natural selection by physical appearance has nothing to do with your relationships. Personally if I had a chance to be with a good-looking man who is boring, lacks spontaneity and speaks like a churl I wouldn't even think twice before dumping him.

In addition, I don't point out that beauty doesn't matter. Surely it does, especially while making first impression. However, your answer was rather directed to beauty as one and only criterion of selecting a partner - and here I have to disagree.

Wow,you guys' idear really imprssive. Well, that's just a self-happy-way for the people who thinks he/she has no good looking, but actually,I think there is no ugly person in this world, unless he/she really do some bad things in this world .

I never think that I'm an ugly person or I'm an beautiful monkey..I always think that I'm an ugly woman but in fact I'm a beautiful monkey...:D :D :D :D :P

i agree with you totally

It is the best way to deceive yourself . It is preferable for those who have no good looking , it fits . I would rather not have this option if I am a good looking person .

Hahaha... I won't accept both line for myself... If I will not tell myself I am beautiful who would else will say it? I mean if no one will tell you you're beautiful better tell yourself you're beautiful and you will become beautiful. There is power in your words and confidence. I will not say I'm a beautiful monkey because lof course I'm not a monkey.

If i am thingking as a beautiful monkey than i have to agree with charles darwin theory......LOL

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