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What's your favorite Thai food ?

Hey everyone ~~~ let's talk something about  your favorite Thai food ~~~


I think many Chinese people like the " Tom Yum Gung ต้มยำกุ้ง " (traditional thai shrimp soup / hot and sour soup with shrimp) , it's very spicy but delicious ~ เผ็ดมากแต่อร่อย ^^ and it is also one of the most famous thai food .


My favorite one is " Kaw Soi  ข้าวซอย  " (egg noodles with curry sauce) . It's very popular in Chiangmai and northern part of Thailand, so Chinese people called it " 清迈面 " (Chiangmai Noodles) ~ you can eat it with chicken or pork ~ the curry sauce is very very delicious ! อร่อยมาก ~~!


So how about you ?






 So delicious ^^  my fav is " Papaya Pok Pok "  It's very popular in Thailand >< so delicious 

@Cream ~~~nice ^^ could u please write " Papaya Pok Pok " in thai for me ? 

It's hard to only pick one, but I love pad woon sen.  It's a noodle dish with real thin cellophane noodles.

@Matt G ~ it sounds good ~ is it spicy ?


Larp moo--it's a spicy ground salad and very tasty. I love Thai food from Isan!

@Seb hmm ~  i got it ~ hope i have opportunity to eat it ^^

"Papaya Pok Pok" or "Green papaya salad" is call Som Tum (ส้มตำ) and so spicy for me. (Sap Ver แซ่บเวอร์)


My favorite is "Tom kha gai ต้มข่าไก่" (Chicken in Coconut Milk Soup) ^^


The best Thai food I've ever tasted was Tom Yum Gung!  I also like Kao Niaw with pork or chicken barbecue, with Som Tum as appetizer! Kao Mun Gai is also delicious especially when served hot.  Different Kao Pad recipes tastes good, too.  Another mouth-watering Thai food is the stir-fry asparagus.  I like its smell and the taste of its thick sauce with some scrambled eggs.  I also like how Thais cook steak.  Sometimes, they serve it with fries. I am always drooling at the thought of all my favorite Thai food, be it spicy (chilly) or not.

@Aloha ohhh ~~~ ฉันรู้ส้มตำ เคยกิน ^^  อร่อยมาก ~~~   ฉันอยากลองชิม ต้มข่าไก่ ^^ !

@Kät  oh~dear ~   i think u must be good at cooking ! ^^  i will try all what u say ~~


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