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What is the weather like in Beijing during June?


What is the weather like in Beijing during June?


六月北京天气怎么样 (Please feel free to correct my sentence structure) liu yue beijing tianqi zenmeyang?



Hot! I live in Shanghai, and it is also pretty hot, but Beijing is even hotter :) I am guessing around 30-35 degrees. Hopefully there isen't much pollution when you go!

it's always bad in June,it's always dry and windy and dusty。


I've been to Shanghai in August and that was hot. But then again I live in Queensland Australia so I feel at home in the hot weather :-)


So I can say in Chinese:


六月北京天气很热也很风 (liu yue beijing tianqi hen re ye hen feng)


Please correct?

liu yue de beijing tian qi shi hen re he feng hen da 六月的北京天气是很热和风很大


I think no Chinese would say 很风 to describe the windy weather because others will interpret this as another meaning.


with the same pronunciation, feng 风 can be feng 疯 (which means 'crazy') where the former one is a noun and the latter one is an adjective. Normally, 'hen' is like 'very' in English so following 'hen', 风 would not be interpreted as 风 but another word 疯.


Hope you can understand! :)



Yes ,hot,but not too much.I like June very much. But, to be honest,this year,the weather in Beijing is too bad! Maybe you already see it in the News. But,I think every bad news in the News is the worst side.Don't worry.Beijing welcome you!


I translate it in Chinese.



Thanks for all the answers :-)


This seems to make more sense now:


liu yue de beijing tian qi shi hen re he feng hen da 六月的北京天气是很热和风很大

Hot and dry with pollution.  :)

lt'shot ,dry wind.but the weather in June is better than that in July and August.Welcome to China.


I spoke to a Chinese teacher this morning and they are saying I should say: 北京天气六月很热,风也很大。


Is: 北京天气六月很热,风也很大。 better then 六月的北京天气是很热和风很大


Which one is better?

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