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Is Amrica responsible?

what you think whether Amrica is a terrorist country or not ? He is responsible for wars in the world and murder of milloins people. Why Amrica is making a lot of weapons ? I  think Amrica is hypocratic country



You are right.  usa conducting aggressive wars to ensure their economic growth and control over нефтью. this is achieved through the use of "color" revolutions and simply false pretexts.

The whole world is incredibly corrupt, the source starts very deep within our hearts.

The main issue is that money plays the key role in the modern world. In almost every conflict we can face the global economic interests. And politics is the right hand to manage that.


You're right about the hypocricy. America is a country founded on a double standard. The entire system was started by white slave owners who wanted to be free. The very foundation of this country is hypocricy. I am an American and my family has been here since the beginning. (I am 50% Black, 40% English-European, and 10% Navajo-Native.)


In my opinion, there is no such thing as a perfect world. America and her government are constant experiments that will never be perfect.

Our country is sitting on a 100 year supply of natural gas and there is also much wind energy in the United States that could be converted into electricity. We can also further develop hydrogen fuel cell technology and hybrid engine technology to replace gasoline combustion engines. Americans are beginning to switch from oil to alternative forms of energy that will not cause global warming which causes destructive storms and destructive climate changes. America will soon become energy self- sufficient so that it will not need to depend on the rest of the world to supply some of its energy. What will become of the oil exporter nations when their oil is worthless to Americans?  Americans give too much foreign aid now in exchange for oil.  However, America will soon be able to cut off its foreign aid to the Middle East once it becomes energy self-sufficient.  ...  :D

America will soon again be the envy of the world!  ...  :P

I think every country is just doing what they think is right and would protect their people from any possible upcoming war or any threat. We don't know what the future holds. For me being prepared by means of making a weapon or etc is okay rather than being unprepared and face suffering in the near future. However I only agree in making weapons for self defense not giving threat to other country for selfish purpose.

Saim.  It is a pity you bring your hatred onto a webbpage intended for learning languages and international friendship.  However, since you began such a discussion, here is my response:

There are so many problems and acts of evil occurring in your own country that I wouldn’t think you’d have time to start a discussion of the problems caused by another country. Among the problems in your country is the existence of a primitive and barbaric form of Islam that cruelly, instensely, and incessently persecutes religious minorities and other Muslims as well. Here are just of few of the latest examples. There are many, many more.


May 21, 2013. Punjab Province: Muslim Political Candidate Demands Attacks that Pakistani Christians be attacked.


May 20, 2013. Bajour. Muslim fundamentalists fire on a group of public health workers who were giving the polio vaccine, killing a guard.


May 17, 2013. Balucistan Province. A car bombing outside a Christian church damges the building and wounded several Christians.


May 17, 2013. Baz Darrah. Rival Muslim fight each other. Twenty-one worshippers at two different mosques are killed.


May 12, 2013. A 19-year-old girl is strangled by her conservative Muslim family for getting pregnant.


May 12, 2013. Quetta. A Muslim suicide car bomber kills eight people, including a child.


May 11, 2013. Manghopir. A Muslim suicide bomber kills two people.


May 11, 2013. Panj Khata. Sunni Muslim fanatics kill a 10-year-old boy with a bomb.


Saim, if it has been unpleasant for you to read my post, then it was also unpleasant for me to read yours.  But remember that you began it, not I.

Wow, Neil!  All of these senseless acts of savagery happened during the most recent few weeks in Pakistan.  Well, I'm lucky and happy that I don't live in a country like Pakistan!

no,i  don't   think  so.Each nation has its own way of life。and   for   american  it  also.In the face of others, their is a make weapons, they can develop.

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