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Using Drugs

How much do you use drugs or refer to a doctor when you got sick for example a simple headache or same?

Do you believe in any herbal treatment at all or things like acupuncture?

Is medical treatment in your is an expensive issue?

It is great if you tell more about your personal experiences. :)




I try to only use medicine if I can't figure out what's causing my problem or I am in a lot of pain. For instance, when I get a headache I first drink a big glass of water before taking medicine, because most regular headaches are caused by dehydration. If that doesn't work, next I will try to drink a cup of coffee, because I drink a lot of coffee while I am at work but not as much at home on the weekends. Studies have shown that regular coffee drinkers can sometimes experience headaches when they do not have caffeine.


Great question.

Thanks I didn't know what you said about headache

I even don't go to doctor for headache and samely i got bad headache when i don't drink tea for more than 10 hours

If I can bear the pain.. I prefer not taking medicine. I will just let my immune system works. About herbal treatment and medical treatment, I guess herbal treatment is good. However herbal treatment is a long process and it takes a lot of discipline but I believe it does not have bad side effect. Medical treatment work faster than herbal but you are right it's more expensive than herbal treatment. If you have money it is not an issue then. What is money if it is your life that is at risk? For better result you can have medical treatment and after that herbal treatment.

I know dutzy sometimes our lives are at stake that's another situation that we surely refer to best doctors but sometimes I see peoples with cureless disease like M.S and etc and they become better or completely become healthy by herbal medicine.

I believe that modern medecine is probably the most effective medicine in most, but not all instances. Most medicines were derived from so-called "herbal" medicines, where the active part of the herb is isolated from the rest of the plant.

One of the disadvantages of using herbal medicines is you get the whole plant - active compound and all - and this might not necessarily be good if someone has an allergy to a certain part of the plant or if there are toxins in the plant. I still use some herbal medicines myself, but I am careful about it.

An interesting thing about medicine is the placebo effect - even if the medicine doesn't have any effect at all in the body, if you take a medicine and THINK it will make you better, chances are it will. I don't think scientists fully know why yet. This might be what's behind a lot of "traditional" medicines.


As John said, first I drink a cup of coffe, and if that doesn't work I use drugs.

Hi Ivan

Yes I think Herbal medications should be used by whom really knows the side effects of it.

I would like to learn more about these natural drugs that already put out there for our diseases.

for example I think chinese traditional medication is unknown to the rest of the world and if we could know more about it then maybe we refer rarely to doctors for cure or using chemical drugs.


i think, consuming medicine too much, not good for your healty.. herbal is better


I too think more research needs to be done on other types of medicine. Some of it clearly doesn't work at all, but there is some real reason that others do work. For example: acupuncture. I am not familiar with it but I believe that Chinese people say it works through chi or something...does it really work this way, or does it stimulate a measurable, biochemical response in your body that helps to relieve pain?


The benefit of using Western medicine is that it is well studied and in a pure, isolated form. We humans are just big bags of chemicals (we even make chemicals that are poisonous to ourselves! like carbon dioxide, acetone, and urea), and so it makes sense to try and fix us with chemicals when something goes wrong. That being said, discovering new chemicals to use in medicines will come from other cultures or through trial and error with unknown plants.



That's all depends on how we look at human being when we don't mind about chi, energy or other kind of spirituality then yes your word is turth we are chemical bags and nothing else :D then we should care about modern medication but in other way if we could gain some info about other aspects of human being then maybe we could cure more easily, safely,cheaply our body .

(Now I think about if Quantum Physics could gain that we are only some collection of atoms then they could back up and restore us to a safe version of ourselves:D)

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