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university =wasting time?



not at all... . think positively..

if you just play the computer games and do some useless things,the university life will be wasting time.

so do not waste time

i dont think so, universty make someone think more logically.

i do not think is very funny

If you were a phenomenon , you might not need university . Bill gates has no university diploma and he is a celebrated scientist and enterpriser . To be honest  , most people are not genius , that is why most people need to go to university to modify their career. You can choose not to waste your time in university as long as you know what you need and can steer your future . 

if you love what you are studying then it is not a waste of time... Learning something is not a waste of time...

If you don't stusy, well is a wasting time

Here in the United States, many secondary schools want ALL of their students to attend the university.


Some people think that this is a very bad idea because:


1. University is not appropriate for everyone.


2. Some people would be  happier with a "trade," not a "profession."


3.  We need competent computer technicians, medical assistants, automobile mechanics, plumbers, truck drivers, etc.  You need some training for those jobs, but you do not need a four-year university course.


Therefore, Jenni, you have to make the decision for yourself: Do you want to be a professional (doctor, lawyer, architect, teacher, etc.)? If so, you need a university degree.


If you do not, then university would be a waste of time -- and money!



Look at your university quality, good school will have a good atmosphere, we all struggle in learning,, don't feel a waste of time.

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