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Can you help me with my introduction in Chinese


I want to write this in pinyin and hanzi so I can add it to my introduction. Of course I can direct translate it but I would like to write it to a high standard. Can you help me?


Ni keneng bangzhu wo ma? 你可能帮助我吗


I live in Brisbane Australia and am looking to improve my Mandarin Chinese with new friends who are fluent in Mandarin. My Chinese is very basic so I need to talk to Chinese speakers who can communicate in english to some degree.




Ni ke neng bang zhu wo ma? 你可能帮助我吗

you have a mistake in this sentence ,

the right sentence:ni ke yi bang zhu wo ma?你可以帮助我吗?

"keneng" means "possible or maybe"

"ke yi" means "can"

I would be glad to help you and I can speak and write moderate english

Here is my first impression and initial sample you may modify as you need . If you need far deeper introduction , You may tell me more about what you want to share with your audience .I can give you more samples for you after you give me more what you want to tell  . for instantce, if you like to introduce more in your family, you may write down your sentimental here in English , I would be glad to give you an example according the information you give to me.


you may paste these chinese characters below to google translation which can read it out for you





我今年xx岁(years old),出生于美丽的都市布里斯班,布里斯班是澳洲的昆士兰省的省会,有著亚热带风情特色,那里有善良的人民以及美丽的风光,如果有机会的话欢迎你们大家到我的家乡玩耍。我目前的工作是xxx(your work or professional ),目前在xxx(company or institute)上班,最主要是负责xxx (what is your work in detail),我目前居住在xxx (city name),我以及我的家人来这里已经xx个月(a period of time),我们都很喜欢这里,也很喜欢你们大家,如果我的中文不太道地,多多给我指教。









Just a quick question Allen about this first line?




I can understand the whold esntence but not sure why this "做" character is there? - I highlighted it?


Look forward to your reply.




Also thankyou for your help. And I meant "sentence"


I gotta stop rushing:


Just a quick question Allen about this first line?




I can understand the whole sentence but not sure why this "做" character is there? - I highlighted it?

Look forward to your reply.

you may also say 大家好,我的名字叫苏力,很高兴在这里认识你们大家(without 做)

做 is something like expletive and preposition , you do not have to care this tiny character too much . In a long and fast speech , you can hardly listen to this tiny character and it does not change a lot regardless of with or without it. "叫做" is more verbal and you can use "叫" as well if you feel "叫" is preferred . It does not matter at all .  In more formal or writing situation , you may say "我的名字是苏力"  (it is almost completely equivalent to "my name is  苏力" in English) .


You may give me more information you want to express (you may use XXX if you do not want to show too much your personal privacy) , I would be glad to give you extra examples as I can. 


happy to help you

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