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about my english name.

now,we have some oral english class,all of student need a english name .I was very confused about my english name .

at last ,i get a english name from the internet——Amaya.

do you know what the meanings of the name....

or do you have some good choise for my english name.

i'm a girl.我是个女孩。



Hi 系系,


Amaya isn't an English name - there is some discussion here:


It appears that it may be originally Spanish - from the link above:

"Amaya is the name of a 1920 opera by Spanish Basque composer Jesús Guridi. It was based on the 1879 historical novel "Amaya o los vascos en el siglo VIII" (Amaya, or the Basques in the 8th century) by Spanish Navarrese author Francisco Navarro Villoslada. The story is of a Christian woman, Amaya, who lived during the invasion of Visigothic Spain by the Moors. The name is derived from Amaia, Basque for "the end". Other Basque names from the book, like the feminine Amagoia (or Amagoya in Spanish) and the masculine Aitor were popularised in Spain because of the novel."


A nice sounding name, but definitely not English.


All the best.



Amaya is a very nice name. It's not of English origin, but these days it is rare for people to have a truly "English" name. Even some of the most popular names for English speakers don't come from England, or even English speaking countries. For example: "William" (French), "Christopher" (Greek), "Alice" (French/German). 

However, your name "系系" would not be difficult for an English speaker to handle, I would suggest that it not even need changing, other than for the novelty. 

If your teacher insists that you need an "English" name, I might suggest "Cecilia"? This name is often shortened to "CiCi" [很像系系]. 

In the end the decision is yours. Make the choice wisely, because it's difficult to change it again once you have introduced yourself to all your English speaking friends. :P 


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