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What is a Community Tutor?

I noticed that there are lots of Community Tutor here. I am just wondering what is a Community Tutor? What do they do? What are they offering? How did they become Community Tutor? What is the difference between Professional Teacher and Community Tutor?



Hi Dutzy,

Here is some information that might help you answer your questions:

Professional Teachers are certified professionals that are highly-skilled in the art of foreign language acquisition.

Community Tutors are native speakers (or near native speakers) who can help you learn a language through informal tutoring or speaking practice. Community Tutors do not teach a foreign language for a living nor do they have a degree in education. However, they are very knowledgeable and interested in helping others learn their language.


Full details about Teachers and Tutors is here:

Hi Rosco,


Thank you for the information. It is really a great help. I really appreciate it.

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