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I want to shout F****K YOU!

I want to shout a certain person F***k you any any bad words as possible. I want to burst all my anger and everything that I feel toward that person. However, I just can't do that. If I do that perhaps the situation will just get worst and I may not able to handle the outcome and may regret it in the end. But if I will not express my anger I feel like I'm dying and can't move on. What will I do?  What should I do?



When you say this, you have to realize that what you are really saying is that you want power over this person. You want control. But you also want this other person to suffer from extreme shame. Is this what you really want? Are you really the person who wants to do this to another? I am sure that you are in a difficult situation if you want to talk in this manner. I can't advise you on what to do. I just ask you to think before you speak as you both will have to live with what you say. Is this other person really worth your time and thought.

Dutzy Doris, i got the same feeling like you ,right now! i think i am going to crazy. Depressed...........

You could actually say it subliminally; by respectfully saying to that person that you horrendously despise him, and put a smile on your face while you say it.

why are you so angry ? I am curious what he had done to you .....

charlescuy i am thinking power or control... i just want to express my anger and let the person know that i am very angry... and yes this person is worth my time and thought because if not i could just punch this person directly without thinking what will happen...


charlescuy sorry i mean i am not thinking about power


sharon yeah very depressing and i also think im going crazy


imi-ptol thanks but i dunno if i can smile 


allen sorry i just cant tell the detail but one thing for sure my patience and self control is running out


mrks thanks for the advise

Hello Dutzy Doris I understand your situation. Because I think that every person has felt almost the same in his/her whole life. But it is not good to answer bad with bad. I mean if someone hurt you, you may think that you need to hurt that person. However think about the human history. How wars begin. I know this is not so easy because somethings are difficult to handle. Try to think in another stuff. Do things that make your anger disappear. For example some exercises, Yoga, breathing, etc.    

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